About Good Finance

Good Finance is a financial institution jointly controlled by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) and Banco BTG Pactual SA, with a focus on consumer credit, vehicle financing, payroll, real estate and for companies, as well as credit cards, consortium and insurance. With a wide portfolio of products and services, it is present throughout the national territory.

Good Finance – Credit Card and Personal Payday Loan


Good Finance’s mission is to be a sustainable bank that inspires its employees to surprise customers.

He wants to be seen as a bank that surprises, agile and uncomplicated.

Whether to organize your finances or to carry out a project, Good Finance offers several Credit Card and Personal Payday Loan options according to your profile. And here we will explain each one of them.

Credit Card Good Finance 

Good Finance has several options for you that need and want a new Credit Card, with insurance, best limits, differentiated rates, exclusive promotions and unique advantages.

Choose the ideal card for your purchases, whether here in Brazil or abroad, and have many many benefits! Simple and no bureaucracy.

And you still have a Rewards Plan and are part of a Gift Club to get the most out of using your Credit Card.

Applying for the Credit Card online here is quick and easy. Check out:

  1. You fill out a registration totally online and at no cost to you! It only takes 8 minutes … Important: enter your real data, as Good Finance may request confirmation of your registration. Important: We never charge any fees or apply for down payment to have your credit assessed.
  2. Your credit will be reviewed and you will receive with great convenience, whether online, by email, phone or SMS, within 5 days, the result of your credit analysis.
  3. If the credit is approved, you will receive your new Credit Card in your home or at the address indicated in the register at the time determined.


Vehicle Warranty Loan – Auto Refinancing

Vehicle Warranty Loan - Auto Refinancing

With this option, the customer gets the desired loan with low rates and installments that fit in the pocket by refinancing the value of the vehicle without the need to sell it. Know conditions:

  • Without proving the need for credit;
  • Refinancing of up to 90% of the value of the car;
  • Facilitated credit available directly from checking account;
  • Payment by check or boleto and credit rates more attractive;
  • Payment in up to 60 months subject to the analysis of profile, cadastral situation of the client and current conditions of the product in the act of contracting;
  • For the Auto Loan you will need: RG, CPF, Proof of Residence, Proof of Income, DUT duly filled in and Documentation of the vehicle on behalf of the client.

Applying for your Vehicle Loan Loan here in Good Credit is very simple:

  1. Make your request online by completing the registration
  2. Get a call from an PAN bank attendant and evaluate your possibilities …

Personal Payday Loan with Check

Personal Payday Loan with Check

It is a fast, easy credit modality that does not require proof of the purpose for which it will be destined. Know the advantages:

  • The amount is credited directly to the current account;
  • Competitive rates and payment made in check;
  • Deadline for installments in up to 36 months, subject to profile analysis, client’s cadastral situation and conditions prevailing at the time of hiring;
  • The client can still acquire the PanProtege Insurance, which assures the client in case of Death or Total Permanent Disability due to Accident, Involuntary Unemployment and Temporary Physical Disability.

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