How To Surprise Your Other Half If You Have Common Finances?

When two people get close to each other and start living together then they often make their own finances together and plan their budgets and all the money into the budget and where all the money goes. Of course, this is very good and it just shows how close both of these people are to entrusting all their financial information to each other. But there is also one problem here when it is not possible to surprise each other with romantic surprises and gifts, because the other partner will know about it immediately. Men are most often complaining about this situation , because we are accustomed to buying beautiful bouquets or a small gift from our beautiful women from time to time, but if all the finances are common, then such gifts are no longer possible because the woman will immediately understand if there is unnecessary spending and will ask where this money is gone.


Created an individual spending amount

One of the options is to allocate the same amount from your total budget to one and the other, and then you will not both be accountable for where you spend or not spending that money. If you have a monthly budget big enough, it would be good if you could spend at least 100 Euros on each of these individual spending, because there must be independence and not always want to match all your purchases with your other half. If you can allocate such an amount, then there should be no problems with the purchase of gifts and surprises, but if you can only spend 50 Euro, for example, you will hardly be able to buy the money that you need and find additional money. such surprises. So this is not always the best option.


Take control from time to time

Take control from time to time

Another option is to take the lead and inform your other party that you want to plan a weekend this week and take the lead on all finances. Of course, your woman will understand something and will not be completely surprised, but she will most likely like your masculinity and the fact that you took the lead and plan this for your total weekend. This option can only fail if you spend too much money on the weekend and after your woman sees this lack of money it may not be too pleasant.


Take control completely

One option that would mean a little marginalization for your woman is to take full control of your two finances and plan all your income and expenses, but of course let her get access to all the indicators. What matters to you is your woman, because others will always want to know where and how the money is spent, but the other will like to take the lead and especially if you get the money to pay and pay the loans faster . This way, you will also be able to create these surprises from time to time without knowing her.


Spend less

Spend less

If you spend certain amounts of money on specific purchases then you can say that it all cost the same, but actually find some cheaper goods or services and then use the remaining money to create surprises. This is, in a way, somehow like lying, because if your woman learns that you are hiding money from her and you have not yet created this surprise, she is unlikely to be happy. In any case, common finances are a very good way for both to control each other, but one must also remember about these surprises by keeping your relationship on the right wave and not allowing them to break out.

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