When you have decided to apply for a Personal Payday loan, it is a good idea to search the market. There are many banks offering a Personal Payday loan, and there can be big differences in where to get the best deal.

One can choose to make an application directly with one or more banks and in this way begin the process of taking out a loan.

Application submitted

Application submitted

At Good lender you can only make one application, which is then sent out in several banks. That way, you save both time and money.

In the application form you must specify different personal information, including information about your marital status and financial conditions. This information uses the banks to make a credit rating.

The bank makes a credit rating

When a bank receives a loan application, they make a credit rating. It is based on the information you have provided and any information from available registers, including CPR, credit status etc.

The credit rating is the basis for whether the bank will offer you a loan. In some cases, the bank estimates that they will offer you a loan amount that is less than what you have applied for.

It is in your interest to get a possible rejection

It is in your interest to get a possible rejection

The credit rating may drop out, which means that the bank will offer you a loan, but it may also result in a refusal.

For example, when a bank refuses to offer a Personal Payday loan, it may be due to the fact that they consider that your finances cannot bear to repay the monthly benefits. This may also be due to the fact that you have other debt items that they consider too risky in relation to taking up additional loans.

The banks are very good at making these assessments, and in other words it is in your interest to get a precise credit rating – even if it should end with a refusal.

You receive a loan offer

When the credit rating is positive you receive a loan offer from the bank. The offer will contain information about the loan such as debtor’s interest rate, APR, monthly payment, total repayment, etc. You can read more about the different expressions and what they mean in our wiki for loans.

If you are applying for a loan through Good lender, you can easily and easily compare the offers you receive and you can easily choose the best loan.

Final approval and money paid

Final approval and money paid

When you want to accept a loan offer, you just need to sign the final loan documents. They are usually sent to you via. email. The money is then paid out typically within 1-3 working days.

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